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A Condensed Article on The Creative Consciousness

Quantum Mechanics, Metaphysics and Magic

by Alice Miller

Part I: Quantum Mechanics

(Please excuse the over-simplification of something very complex.)

  For a long time, Newton’s physics ruled the scientific world. New discoveries were largely about the details of it and new applications for it. Then, a few decades ago, Quantum Mechanics was born when it was discovered that in the micro-world Newton’s laws did not apply. Atoms, quarks, photons and other micro-particles have their own rules. We are not sufficiently knowledgeable to go into this in depth, but two things we want to emphasize.

 It all began with light. When the scientist looks for waves, light appears as energy waves, not so different from the oceans waves. It flows over, under and around objects in its path.

But when the scientist looks for particles, he finds photons. You can bombard an object with photons and they will bounce, as any particles will do. So was light a wave of energy in motion, or was it a matter particle? The only answer is that it is what you want it to be.

It was originally assumed that atoms, in their structure as a nucleus with electrons circling it, resembled the Solar System. The problem with this is the electrons jump around, skipping from orbit to orbit. Sometimes they get pulled away entirely by another atom, transforming two elements into two different elements. Not only that, you can measure the size/weight of subatomic particles OR you can measure their speed, or their location. You cannot measure it all at the same time because observation disrupts their patterns.

 Inadvertently or intentionally, science is teaching us that attention changes what is. Compare that to the alchemists of the past.

Part II: Metaphysics

The basis of Metaphysics is that human consciousness is not merely an information processing system. It is also creative. Not only can it access its own internal Internet, it can also create something from nothing. I refer to this double-capacity as Spiritual Genetics, not unlike the double helix reported in human DNA. Using the Judeo-Christian format, we can understand that we are literal offspring of Deity, not mere creations. The physical body may be regarded as a creation, but the spirit, the consciousness which inhabits it is a pro-creation. Interestingly, some scientists have reported finding more areas of DNA turned on than was seen in earlier generations.

 During the past decade or two, expanded senses have become increasingly acceptable to society. Fewer people find the ideas of aliens, angels, ESP, and the paranormal either laughable or immoral, even if they cannot perceive them. With greater acceptance these super-normal abilities are on the increase. Prime examples of this are the Indigo and Crystal children.

More than that, these children come into this world in touch with the creative side of consciousness. Many early Indigos struggled with the difficulties of having abilities that parents denied, refused to believe in, or condemned. And yet, these abilities could not be erased as they had been in so many of the psychically gifted members of earlier generations. When parents were too insistent on their right to write on the blank slate that they assumed their child’s consciousness to be, the collisions between parent and child sometimes escalated into major wars.

Less assertive Indigos were often drugged into submission by a medical profession that did not recognize human evolution at work. Some will have to wean themselves from drugs or separate themselves from families if they are to survive as who and what they are.

 The Crystals are better able to deal with all this. Their abilities are better accepted now and they function more subtly. You have to be looking to see them use their powers so they manage to slip through the cracks of adult attention. They are more able to adapt on the surface without losing their internal identity.

 The point of all this is that the Indigos, and even more the Crystals, are born with the creative software installed. Where they focus their attention things happen.

For the rest of us, focusing that attention is accomplished through the use of affirmations, visualizations, and/or rituals. All are methods of concentrating attention . . . which causes energy to be attracted to that point where it can coalesce into something visible and tangible . . . as a new job, a new car, a better income, etc. This is about replacing physical effort with mental attention. And, ultimately, it works according to the principles being uncovered by modern physicists.

Part III: Pagan and Shamanistic Magic

The primary creative (and occasionally destructive) mode is ritual. It all begins with the naming or defining of the intent for the ritual. Then a space/circle is created/imagined. Into it is poured the attention of a group. This intensifies the focus, generating power and something magical happens as a result.

All creation or re-creation is accomplished by a concentration of attention. There are two main ways to do that. The usual individual method is by repeating an affirmation or visualization, gradually strengthening it. The method used in worship . . . Christian, Buddhist, Pagan or any other group . . . is to gather the attention of a group into a concentrated point of power. The only difference is that a skilled group can usually create in less time.

One of the mistakes people make is that of expecting something big and dramatic to happen. Ordinarily a pot of gold will not show up at your side or in your circle. But working with these techniques will produce a raise, a gift, an inheritance, even a winning lottery ticket in time. You are, however, not allowed to choose in what form the (financial) benefits come.

Part IV: When It Does Not Work

 First, you have to believe that magic, by whatever name, is possible. Or, if you prefer, you can believe in the power of prayer . . . all these are forms of prayer.

 It is never a good idea to begin asking for something like a million dollars. Most of us cannot even begin to understand the sum, to know what it looks like or what it could do. It is much better to begin small and gradually work up to bigger sums.

Another thing is that if what you want is a car or a house, do the affirmation, visualization or ritual for that–not for the money to buy that. Leave the details to that higher power which is at work. Instead, do some daydreaming. Imagine how it feels to have the thing. How do you feel when you have it. What does it smell like, or sound like? Involve as many senses as you can in what is really no more complicated than a day dream.

Ditto with relationship. Don’t ask for tall dark and handsome or cute blonde. Instead ask for the perfect lover or the perfect partner and leave all the details to the creative force. If you really want it to work, be sure that you are a good lover or a good partner first. Also be sure that you really want what you are asking for–that you are not merely asking for what you think that you should want.

 Keep your work a secret from people who will criticize, laugh, or condemn. Their energies can interfere with your work if you let them into the process by telling them. Sometimes we have to put some serious space between ourselves and those who would advise us “for our own good.” No one needs that kind of negativity. If you can believe it, you can see it.

Astrologically, getting information in some extrasensory manner falls under Neptune, but is most effective when Chiron makes the link between Mercury and Neptune. The Creative Consciousness–the inner magician is Pluto. The (co-) creative process is the personal power offered to us all.


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