Lifeprint Readings by, Rev. Alice Miller

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What You Should Know about Readings and Readers:
Psychics/ Clairvoyants/Clairaudients read your aura, the Akashic record or other records which are invisible/inaudible to the general population. They may pick up general information about your life, or answer specific questions.
Tarot, Pendulums, Runes, and other reader tools are good for tapping your own inner guidance, whether used by yourself or another.

Astrologers and Numerologists read records specific to you. The astrologer constructs one or more horoscopes for assorted purposes. The numerologist works with significant letters and numbers in your life. Although these techniques can be used like others above, they offer a greater scope of information and are great counseling tools.

When I began my professional practice in 1983, I named
my work “Lifeprint Readings” from their resemblance to the Life
Readings of renowned psychic, Edgar Cayce. I continually strive
to maintain his high standard in my readings.

We all have a basic blueprint or schematic for our lives,
from which can be read a variety of information. In my readings,
we concentrate on two levels. The first is who you are, and
would be, in any time or place. The second is who you are
because you were born at a particular time and place, into a
particular family, culture, etc. We also read, to the best of our
ability, your commitment and/or intent for this incarnation,
keeping in mind that many of us have chosen paths not
recognized at the time/place of our birth.

A Natal Chart or Horoscope is actually a type of sky map,
traditionally round, with your birth location at the center. This is
a psychologically and spiritually valid approach, for we are, and
must be, the center of our own universe.

We do not know why horoscopes work, although it may
have something to do with a holographic universe. We simply
consider it a gift from that Great Power who is Creator and
Parent of Humanity, and we are thankful.
Birth Horoscope Reading (Lifeprint Reading) gives a view of your overall life plan and provides an excellent foundation for other readings.

My Personal Practice, as an astrologer, is directed toward my clients’ personal growth and spiritual development. I look at your childhood and family of origin, then show you how that currently supports (or not) your spiritual development. Exercises, affirmations, and visualizations designed to overcome obstacles to progress are offered. My special expertise is in difficult or unusual horoscopes/lives. My personal goal is empowerment
of self and others. My special mission is those who march to a different drum.

Readings by Alice
All readings are original manuscripts, created by Alice Miller from the resources of modern astrological techniques and intuitive guidance. Allow 1-3 weeks for delivery.

Your reading will be e mailed.
Hard Copy by mail: $1.00 shipping and handling in US. $5.00 international.
Reading fees include up to five questions before the reading and five more after the reading.

Please tell mewhether you are an astrology student or a layperson. Student readings can include all the astrological explainations, providing a lesson within the reading. We use plain language for layperson.

Information needed is:
< Time of Birth
< Date of Birth
< Place of Birth
< First Name
< Gender
< Student or Layperson
< e mail or Mailing Address
< Present Location–City, State, Country
< Special Information:
< Are you ambidextrous or predominantly left handed?
< Is one eye significantly stronger than the other, and which?
< Do you think of yourself as a logical person or an intuitive person?


Lifeprint Reading $120.00
Always begin here. This is the blueprint or schematic for your whole life. Based on the natal chart, it describes you in eternal and present terms, including Spirit, Soul and Environmental influences.


Birthday Reading………..$60.00
(Solar Return) Yearly update. (Includes significant tranists of outer planets)


Relationship assessment : $35.00
with two Lifeprint Readings or $60.00
with one Lifeprint Reading.


Specialty Readings:


Jupiter Return…………$60.00
Every 12th year we begin a new growth cycle. Ages 12, 24, 36, 48, 60,


Saturn Return…………..$60.00
Every 29.5 years we begin a major new cycle of human development. Request for year before 30th, 59th, and 88th year.


Chiron Return..............$60.00
Adjustment cycle, every 51st year. Reclaiming your Power


Uranus Demi-Return…………..$60.00
Midlife Crisis or Turning point. Average age 42, but may occur any time from age 37-43. Ask Alice for Date.


Children’s charts for Parents $65.00
(A nice gift for newborns)


Adoption Charts: Adoptees and certain others (name changes, NDE’s) often overlay the birth chart.
One Chart $110.00
Two charts read together $175.00

Ask about other readings.

SAMPLE Readings

Iris Clark

Gary Blue