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Possibility People

Possibility People

by Rev. Alice Miller

(Having been designated a teacher’s teacher, my task, as an astrologer, is to confirm this status for those who have been taught to doubt what their intuition tells them. Many of you have clear marks on your horoscopes, identifying and classifying your Possibility Person type. Others are identified more subtly.)

Historically, we are at the end of the Piscean Age, standing on the brink of the Age of Aquarius. Because of this, many advanced beings have reincarnated at this time. We are here to seed a new level of consciousness for the new age.

Individuals, as a whole, come to earth to increase self-awareness, to raise their own consciousness. The general spectrum of consciousness exists within a certain range at any given time. During each period or age, on a scale of one to ten, the vast majority of individuals will fall within an area of 3 to 7. Possibility People can be said to begin life at or above seven–at or above high-normal. We exist outside the general consciousness and it has no name or definition for us. Modern writers have referred to us as Starseed, Starborn, Pleadians or Lightbearers. Today, I have come to call them the Possibility People.

As children, most were said to be “old for our age.” In later years, most remain “young at heart.” Our function is to be living examples of greater possibilities within the human species. We seem to have stepped back in time or across space. There is truth in such ideas for we evolve through many experiences in many time-space continua. Still, the reality is that we are simplyOlder Children of the Creator of this Universe, more loving and more enlightened that the general population of Earth.

Most of us live lives are composed of two main divisions, by necessity. Once, angels, prophets, magicians, alchemists, etc. were accepted. However, for centuries they have been regarded as figments of imagination or dementia. Always these were messengers of change. In any age, and particularly as one age gives way to the next, such beings exist. We. who enter now, must pass for ordinary humans if we are to be accepted and listened to. So we incarnate as infants, growing up through an experience that was mastered thousands of years earlier.

The more evolved we are, the weaker our boundaries. Entering incarnation, we are plunged into an atmosphere created by the general consciousness. To some extent, it overwhelms us with its rules and judgments. What happened was that when we entered those infant bodies, we were dropped into the general consciousness, with all its errors in judgement. We had to learn to swim in it, and the first requirement is survival. We learned to live by the rules of the adult’s world, because–so far as we knew–we needed them to survive. To do that, we forgot much. We had to comply with the current definition of humanity, and looknormal if the world was ever to listen to us or follow our example.

Consequently, like the fable of The Ugly Duckling, we have difficulty growing up and becoming the swans that we were meant to be. Often we enter families where love has been forgotten, to remind them. At best, there are no adequate parents for us, so we survive on our internal memories of other incarnations. Problems in parent-child relationships repeat in adult marriage-type relationships.

Although we come from dysfunctional homes, we cannot, and do not wish to, condemn our parents for they parented at the level of their own awareness. Still, if we are ever to truly know ourselves, and by that knowing to heal our lives, we must tell the truth about our past. It is the past, and the fact that we survived what many would not, proves what we are. Old Souls are stronger, can survive more, than younger ones. Many of us have survived the impossible. Realizing that is the first step. Beyond that, we are lead, as surely as if someone went ahead of us with a lighted torch. Meanwhile, the classic structures of economics, relationship, etc. do not, and will not, work for us. Even many of the old moralities are obsolete in our terms.

The difficulties continue until we become aware that we truly are different from the general population, that our differences are not deficiencies but assets. We must accept our differences and affirm them as the blessings that they are. Born outside the general consciousness, we must learn to live there. Eventually, we go through a transformation process and enter the second phase of life. We discover who we are, why we came, and we begin to fulfill our intended purpose.

Like our Elder Brother, we have powers others fear. We have wisdom beyond our years. Some will be advanced enough to recognize us, but not advanced enough to realize that we are so evolved in Love as to be incapable of doing harm. Of these, some will try to harness our power, or take it from us, fearing that we would use it as they might. Consequently, much of what we are must remain hidden until the proper time.

Each of us has an internal timing mechanism. It takes us through a rebirth process and into the second phase of our lives and the mission for which we came, when the world has caught up with us sufficiently to understand. We are the Possibility People. Our mission is to demonstrate new possibilities of being and doing. Without a leader, the masses remain resistant to, fearful of, change. The changes ahead are the greatest within the memory of man. We are here to show the way into the future and God Consciousness for all.

How will life change when the general population knows that we can create our lives as we choose, not by the sweat of our brow, not by the labor of our hands, but by the Divine creative power inherent in human consciousness? What will it mean to fully know that we are not spirit living in a body, but spirit living as a body?

Know then, that yours is a path worthy to follow, a tribute to Mother Earth and the Divine father. They rejoice in seeing your progress and all the Universe sings your praise! Truly you are a blessing and you are blessed.

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