Saturn Return Reading

from the Natal and Saturn Return Charts of Olga

for the years o7 /04-01/33


Natal Location: 046W37-23S32

Current Location: 047W55-15S47




Saturn represents limits, such as outlines or boundaries. Boundaries are often associated with maturation, because as we mature our limits change. Think of the basic Saturn patterns as a general outline for life. The first thirty years of life we live by our parents’ rules, by the boundaries they gave us. Although we are usually emancipated near age twenty-one, most of us continue living our lives either in compliance with or rebellion against the rules our parents gave us for several more years.


But, during the 1970's, infants began to be born with a much higher level of maturity than previous generations had. For the first time, Saturn was relatively active from birth. Infants knew they were not simply part of their mothers. They were individuals from birth. Because they were, the function of Saturn had to evolve with them. To a large extent, the natal Saturn began to describe an outline of what they wanted to do with their lives. It became more a definition than a limitation. It more closely resembled scientific laws than moral or legal ones. It symbolized how they wanted their lives to work.


During our thirtieth year, Saturn returns to its natal place, granting us full adulthood. We are authorized to leave parental rules behind and make our own. We become responsible for deciding what is right or wrong for us, what is and is not acceptable to us, and so on. Here we begin the real individuation process. Usually that is associated with some change in responsibility. Consequently, marriage, divorce, and childbirth are common associated events, although none are required.


Today, the first Saturn return marks the time when our initial rebellion against tradition is reshaped. We begin to modify our lives so that they are no longer anti-past. Instead, we begin to create what are truly new outlines for the future. In doing so, we redefine human rights and responsibilities, according to our individual Saturn intentions.


Your Natal Saturn


Traditionally, your natal Saturn in Cancer would be interpreted as, “Your life is limited (or delimited) by motherhood.” However, you had mastered motherhood in previous incarnations. We could say that you had graduated the course and the mother archetype received a new meaning for you in this lifetime, which might be called a postgraduate course.

Early experience (or maybe your own mother) had taught you that motherhood often goes unappreciated and unrewarded. Clearly, you were/are something of a misfit in your family and/or culture. I think that you watched your mother and determined to create a different kind of life for yourself and your children. Your young life became a challenge to change the role of women, and especially of women within marriage. This became the outline or sketch which you laid out for your life.


Your generation could be called a bridge. It could also be called a catalyst. Born with an adult consciousness, you came into a world which was completely unprepared for you. Parents had little idea of what you needed. They knew only the old ways of parenting, so your early years often became a struggle to survive your childhood with your identity in tact. Earlier generations had the same struggle, but it was unconscious. They did not realize that traditional parenting was manipulative until years later, and some never realized it at all. Not so, your generation; your parents were not gods to you. You saw them more clearly than they saw themselves. Many of you were puzzled by what you saw, and some were angered. At best, what we now call the Indigo generation, did not have it easy.


When the idea of doing things as our parents did becomes anathema, we often set out to make our lives a contradiction to theirs. For example, the initial efforts to improve the role of women were not original. Instead, women often tried to usurp traditional male roles. While this broke them out of the past, it was not a good answer. What was needed was a new model for women and families. Ultimately, your task would be to help create one or more new models for women, for mothering, and/or for parenting. It would probably include some new models for marriage as well. You would use your Cancer Saturn to outline those roles in ways that permitted you to retain your self worth.


The Next Thirty Years


The natal third house rises in the Return Chart. This is the house communication (especially) and of generic relationship. It might include some short trips in the form of a commute to work or exploration of the local attractions. However, with a Cancer Sun conjunct the ascendant, and a Leo stellium of Mars, Mercury, and the Moon in the first house, it mainly suggests thinking, questioning, rethinking parental roles. The close connection of Moon and Mercury show that you are feeling your way through.


You are creating something original which includes the dreams of a partner. It is, ultimately, a joint project, but you are the one who gives birth to many of the ideas involved. We could say that the basic design is yours, but you share the implementation of it with Tim.


Saturn in the twelfth house of the Return Chart suggests that the outlines of your life are shifting rather automatically to meet changing needs. You are adjusting and readjusting the parameters of your self-image, even while keeping motherhood in the forefront. You are working out how your can express your own desires through or within that context.


I suspect that returning to the land of your nativity has proved a challenge to the plans previously laid out. Perhaps you are getting some criticism that forces you to review those plans. Out of that comes a revision–one that will clarify the design of your mother-role into something unique and original.


You value both your work and your children, believing in your ability to handle it all with style and grace. This ability is the most important asset of your adult years, and will become increasingly valuable as time passes. You have a great gift for figuring things out intuitively, which is becoming increasingly obvious. Noticing that, you trust it more. With more trust, it works even better, and, as time passes, life almost seems to arrange itself around you.


There is some feeling, at first, of being ahead of your times or maybe in the wrong place. This happens only because your goals are pioneering ones. You are creating something new for the future. Although, for now, you are going against the flow of popular opinion, you are creating a model for the future. The world will come toward you over time. The feeding-sustaining energy of this is Spirit/fire. A lovely fire trine sustains your efforts.


One statement made is that you identify as a Mother, but not with your mother. You are a different kind of mother than the one that you had. Clearly you are revising the image, lifting it to a higher level more in tune with the times. To some extent, this is both possible and necessary, because you and your children are very different from earlier generations.


Over the next thirty years, you are destined to attune with a source of inspiration, step by step. It will be something like what is called finding a guide, although I do not know if it will manifest in quite that format. Mainly you will find an increasingly reliable source of answers to whatever questions you have. The questions you ask will magnetically attract answers–which may seem to come from books, other people, your own conversation or writings, etc. The more attention you give this, the better it will work, the faster it will grow.


Cancer and the Moon dominate this chart, so its primary personal theme is growth. That means both you and your children. Even your boundaries are look elastic, stretching outward to give you more space. There is no saying how far you can go, for you will grow–in awareness, in knowledge, all of your life.


One final started life as a kind of misfit, largely because you are more whole than most in your early environment. The Saturn return shows that you are making your own place in the world–a place that you create or invent. You are, in some way, a shepherdess–one who leads the flock, not drives it.