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The New Age is When?

by Rev. Alice Miller

The Zodiac revolves against the background of stars, moving the signs clockwise across the constellations. A full revolution is composed of twelve ages, and called a Great Age, and takes almost 26,000 years. An age is 2,160 years.

When the Spring equinox point (0oAries) backs out of the constellation Pisces into the constellation Aquarius, the next age will officially begin. The difficulty involved in charting this event is that it involves measurements of such vast distances that we cannot yet calculate them accurately. Many writers, assuming that the current age began with the year one, place the beginning of the next age at 2160. If we time the age from the birth of its avatar, we have a variation of about 12 years in the recorded birth dates. Add to that, several rewrites of the calendars, and the birth of the next age becomes increasingly difficult to predict.

We offer our own educated guess as to the significant date. We note that this may represent the ingress of the age, or the birth of its avatar. However, since we believe that the symbol for the next age will be a group--perhaps a whole generation, it is probably inaccurate to assign a date to what might be called the second coming of Christ. We also note that our calculations were based on transits of the presently known planets. By that time, we may have others to consider. However, with the information available, we chose the date, February 18, 2080. The reasons are as follows:

An age is a growth period, or evolutionary phase, for humanity, specifically for human consciousness. Consciousness equals empowerment, so we began by looking for a worldwide birth of personal power which might be signaled by Pluto transiting Aries. That occurs in the last third of the twenty-first century.

Intuitively, we felt that the current Uranus transit of Aquarius was the beginning of a final eighty-four year cycle. As the millennium ended, many people expressed end time fears. The beginning of the third millennium could be defined that way, because the next age will arrive during this millennium.
One group is studying a rare event which occurs in 2008 and is then repeated in 2012. During those years Earth will experience an occultation of Venus. (Venus passes between Earth and the Sun. A larger body traveling the same path would eclipse the Sun.)

Related to the ancient Mayan calendars, this was clearly regarded by them as an end-times event. These dates fall within 72 years of the next transit of Uranus across Aquarius. We suspect that the equinox will precess into the first degree of Pisces between the first and second occultation, beginning the Mayan and Biblical end times. Seventy-two years later, it will leave Pisces for Aquarius and the actual shift into the Age of Aquarius.

If the Bethlehem Star was a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction rising in Pisces, the celestial signature of the next age should be a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction rising ahead of the Sun in Aquarius. On February 18, 2080, seven planets, including Jupiter and Saturn will rise across the eastern horizon. However we interpret that, it is an astrologically momentous occasion! We propose it as the Celestial Gateway to, and birth chart for, the Age of Aquarius.

A dawn chart (06:00 a.m.), for the central United States, on this day, places the ascendant within the stellium, showing massive changes in humanity, beginning on the inside and dramatically affecting the self-image for humanity
Reviewing the Age of Pisces, we notice a rising current of change over the past thousand years. During the second millennium C.E., two discoveries changed our views dramatically. The discovery that the Earth orbited around the Sun and was not the physical center of the universe broke the hold of the priesthood and put Science at war with Religion.

Meanwhile, new land areas offered many people the opportunity to escape from the past and begin anew. Communication and travel were slow, so the process took a century or more. With the spread of computer information systems, changes now occur more rapidly.

Two foreseeable events of similar significance to the next age, are Interplanetary travel and contact with other intelligent species. These will alter our perceived status as special and superior. We will no longer be a chosen people, especially privileged as offspring of divinity. We may have to deal with issues of racial/species equality, on an unprecedented scale. Changes will surpass anything imagined by the writers of the Star Trek series.

Earth changes could uncover huge land masses in the polar regions. The possibilities of meltdown and land shifts have been treated as catastrophic events. Surely, as we use increasing areas of the brain, we can find practical and positive ways to handle such events.

The personal mind is finite. Seers who glimpsed such changes from their position at the beginning of the Piscean Age were justifiably frightened. With no understanding of process, and no means of holding the interim in consciousness, they could only interpret their visions catastrophically. They were interpreted and recorded by people who were largely limited to perceptual knowledge and could only communicate images. They had neither the means to interpret them, nor the language to do so. We, who attempt to predict events of the next age now, experience a similar hindrance. Even if we see the future accurately, our descriptions may be quite misleading to anyone who reads them two thousand years from now! With that in mind, we will describe what we see in our proposed birth-chart for the next age.

Politically, by the end of the current age, our country will relate to the world like our state and country do now. As we move into the next age, other changes will follow, beginning with an internal revolution.

We may compare that to the drastic change of the role of (western) women during the twentieth century, especially the World War II period. Women want to be real people with full rights of citizenship in this world.

Another corollary is presented by the USA, which has become the prototype for a world society, including all races. We have vastly increased resources invested in the diversity of cultures and greater mental development. Still, we continue to deal with turmoil, resulting from the expectations of both sides that some people are morally or intellectually superior to others. All these issues affect what we think that we should or do need. Such changes are side effects of rising consciousness, which always has peaks and valleys across the population.

Only when we truly grasp the fact that we are an evolving species, forever in a trustworthy process, will we let go our fears of change. Only when we lose that fear, can we move forward into future levels of awareness smoothly and without trauma.
Many readers will have heard mention of polar shifts. Magnetic repolarization is a fact of life. It occurs routinely from time to time. The seven planet Aquarius Stellium in this chart shows a major repolarization for humanity. Homo sapiens will be transformed. By current definitions, we will become more than human. No longer Earthbound, our awareness will no longer be confined to Earth frequencies.

Observation of today’s children shows that they have much wider perceptual bands than the norm for earlier generations. Many perceive in nonlinear ways. Soon the whole population will be using much more than the small percentage of the human brain currently active.

The next age will offer drastic expansion in travel opportunities. Certainly we will develop interplanetary, perhaps inter-galactic travel. We could be looking at time travel.

Awareness of good will expand exponentially, as we learn the value of eliminating preconceptions, and negative judgments. Our world view will shift from a place of difficult lessons to that of happy opportunities and pleasant surprises.
None of this will happen over night. But then look at history, at the unfoldment of humanity during the age of Pisces. Who knows where we will be in two or three thousand years?

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