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The Astrologer-Metaphysicians Credo

Let us acknowledge the magnificent rationality of life and claim our heritage of consciousness from that Great Spirit who is our creator and Our Father. Let us understand that source as One God, who created a universe to be a home for earth, and created a world to be a home and a Mother for its children.

Let us acknowledge God as the One whose first gift to life was a Mother, taken out of the body of Spirit just as Eve was taken out of the body of Adam. Let us acknowledge that seeing the mother-aspect of Spirit does not diminish it, but rather increases our awareness of it, as a being who loves and cares for its children. With God as both our parents we can realize how truly we are the Sons and Daughters of God. Let us no longer make Heaven better than Earth or Earth better than Heaven, but acknowledge them as the marital union which gave birth to humanity.

We have always been the children of God; let us now claim the full meaning of that statement and come to the realization of what it means. The Kingdom of God is not in some far-off unreachable place. It includes all that is. It must therefore be both within and around us. Children inherit both the genetics of their parents and the property of their parents. Even so, we inherit the kingdom and the genetic traits of our Divine Parent.

Let us no longer divide our God into parts and pieces, making judgments on those parts and pieces. Let us know that God is the Good and take that as our basic theory of life. Let us learn to look for the good in all life, understanding that some things are better at one stage of growth and others at another; but that just because steak is not good for an infant we must not judge it as not-good and refuse it as an adult. When we do not let three-year-olds drive cars because they are not big enough or mature enough, it does not mean that cars are of the devil. If life takes away our steaks or our cars, it can only be because we are not yet mature enough to digest them properly or use them safely.

A loving parent would do as much for a small child, and even if the child was angry and said unkind things about the parent, that parent would not stop loving and caring for the child. Certainly the parent would not write the child out of the will. That parent might even be secretly pleased at the display of willfulness in the child, knowing that with growth and maturity that willfulness would become an asset.

Let us then recognize our God as both rational and good, for God does not "spoil" its children to the point of making them helpless and dependent, but rather supports their growth and looks forward to the day when they will reach maturity and can become friends and partners. Like a loving parent, Spirit allows us to venture farther and father from home until we are able to discover for ourselves the wisdom which is available as the power to know what life is and how to use it. Little by little, as we reach ever higher levels of maturity, we are granted more freedom to develop our own inherent talents, the attributes which we inherited from our genetic lineage as offspring of the Father/Mother God.

As we near full maturity we may begin to understand the real meaning of duality as a tool for consciousness, and physical incarnation as a structure for growth and maturation. It is only as children reach physical maturity that the physical heritage becomes fully manifest. Only in an adult can one see the real resemblance to other adults.

In the same way, it is only as our minds mature that we can begin to understand the

motives and purposes of the adults who shaped our childhood and really forgive our parents for those things which seemed harsh at the time. It may be that we will then discover that they, like us, are Children of Spirit in the process of growing up to be like the father. The time may come when the parents will learn from the child and if they are spiritually mature, they will rejoice at the opportunity to do so.

In time the parents who loved the child because it was their child will also love it because it has reached their level in consciousness and become their friend and/or partner. When love is the essence of life, all that can occur with the passage of time is more love. As loving parents know that a part of loving their children is letting them go out into the world, so the loving parent of life loves us enough to let us learn in our own way. It does not expect the ten-year-old child to be able to do the things that the thirty-year-old one does, or to know what it does. Rather it keeps on loving each child through all its stages of growth, supplying its needs according to its level of development.

One of the more difficult aspects of life to understand is that often when a mature spirit incarnates into the world it is born to immature parents. It may do so in order to assist in the development of the parents, or it may do so simply because there are no parents of its level in consciousness available. These beings must come to realize that even so they will receive all the love and discipline which they truly need and that if they seem not to it is only because they have not realized that they are born with a level of maturity which does not require as much.

As this is understood, we have the opportunity to realize what a magnificent act of love and trust in the Source such an incarnation is. With such realization comes an unparalleled opportunity to recognize the quality of love which our lives manifest. Acknowledging the lovingness of our being then sets us free to do that which we came to do. For the older children of God ever enter the earth with a mission, as assistants in the care of the younger ones. Many have sensed that mission but have not found validation for this inner knowledge and have, therefore, spent years trying to be something less than they are.

We write for these elder children, in the hope that through it they will discover their true identity and purpose. Having understood that, they may claim the freedom and the wisdom which is their heritage. They may proceed to that which some inner sense has told them is right for them without fear. They may know that they truly are mature Children of God and that they have the right to claim their heritage. For ever the voice of God lies within, ever it calls to us, ever it manifests as the desire to contribute something to life that will change the future.

The magi-astrologers read of the coming of Jesus in the stars and joyously welcomed him. Still today, astrologers read the messages about the nature and purpose of individuals in the horoscopes of their birth. The knowledge is ever available for those who care to read it. The process of evolution, of growth, of life, is one of moving through the phases of spiritual, physical, mental, and feeling realization. Thus the trines or trinity of earth, air, fire and water simply represent types of spiritual awareness. Notice that each is a trinity and there are four trinities. Multiply them and you have the twelve phases of life or twelve signs. Add them together and you have seven--the number of "days" or phases of creation.

When we fully understand the symbolic meaning of the numbers three, four, seven, and twelve, we will have truly become co-creators with God. We will have fully inherited the kingdom, and the power and the glory of life. The Master Jesus came as our elder brother in consciousness, knowing that he was begotten only of God. In the end that is true of us all, for God is all there is.

We are now nearing the end of the age for which he was avatar and prototype. We have had 2000 years in which to discover what he meant by the statement that he had come to win the battle with death. Surely it is time for us to understand that Love is the living essence of life and that there is no place in Love for the final ending which we call death. Love ever lives, life ever produces more life; i.e., life ever produces more love as we grow in the consciousness of that love, as we speak our word, naming it the good.

A small child will love in immature ways and part of its charm is its dependency. An adult child loves in adult ways and its love will be expressed differently. But ever the loving parent loves the whole child and ever it will retain the love which it has in the beginning. Ever that love will grow, as the reasons for love, joy, and pride in that child add up, multiply, and perhaps increase exponentially.

  And when the grandchildren come, love does not divide, but rather multiplies. Love is that which cannot be divided, cannot die. Love ever grows into ever greater structures and concepts of love. The newborn child can only know and love a relatively few people; it does not comprehend the possibility of one day being the ancestor of 20, or 50, or thousands. But easily, without effort, as its world expands it spontaneously loves more and more people. One day it realizes that it loves some of them because they are connected by blood and some because they are connected by common interests; i.e., in consciousness, and some just because they are alive.

Each day we have the opportunity to realize that as we love those who share our particular portion of space and time, and these love others who extend outward in time and space, so we connect in bonds of love and consciousness to include the totality of time and space. Together we are the Love of God and the mind of God.

Then it is that we may know the reality of the statement that the Good God of Love, the One Mind of Logos, absolutely is the All That Is.

So it is and so it shall be, forever and ever.

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