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Meaning of the New Age called Aquarius

by Rev. Alice Miller

An age is a period of about 2160 years, defined by the precession of the equinoxes. Precession is strictly an astrological observation, referring to the fact that the solar system is revolving around a hypothetical central sun in much the same way as its planets revolve around our sun. As a result, the signs are no longer aligned with the constellations of stars for which they were named. The sign of Aries, which begins with the spring equinox, backed completely out of the constellation of Aries and into Pisces approximately two thousand years ago. Today it is nearing its crossing from Pisces into the constellation of Aquarius. Because distance prohibits strict accuracy, nobody knows exactly when that will be. A variation of perhaps two or three centuries is meaningless in terms of eternity. Still, in those terms, the entrance to Aquarius is immanent......or, some think that is has already occurred.

Those of us, who use the sky as a calendar of events, know that it is common for human events associated with sky events to begin shortly before the alignment in the sky. This writer believes that to be the case, and projects the beginning of the next age to be at approximately 2080.

Any event that affects a group of people will be perceived differently by the individuals within the group. Some will experience its beginning at different times from others. To say that the Age of Aquarius begins at a specific moment in time is like saying that something will begin tomorrow. Using that phrase, some will think of 12:01 a.m., others will think of sunrise, still others will think of whatever time they awaken to a new day. And so on....... Even so the beginning of the next age. For different people it will seem to begin at different times. It is probable that we will be well into it, before anyone can be certain that it has actually begun.

I believe that each new age describes an advancement in the median-level of consciousness in the general population. If, for example, there are twelve levels of consciousness, we may say that, during the current Piscean age, the general consciousness has resided in ranges five, six, and seven. Using that scale, in the next Aquarian age, that range might move to seven, eight, and nine, or even higher.

The median level becomes part of the current definition of humanity. The current median level is largely biased toward left-brain logic, dividing life into black and white, good and evil, easy and difficult, etc. The arrival of this ability has its metaphor in Genesis, where Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Good and Evil, and were evicted from the Garden of Eden. We might surmise that these events moved us from the age of Cancer to Gemini, where Adam was assigned the task of naming all of life. Naming and language are requirements for rational thought.
The Edenic state is rather like a womb state, when all is provided automatically. Thus the Genesis story describes the birth of humanity as we know it. As humanity matured, it outgrew that stage and began its journey to maturation. That journey was one of taking responsibility for its own life. As it did so, it moved from using existing caves for homes to building increasingly complex housing. It moved from hunting and gathering to farming with increasing effectiveness. Clothing of skins, gave way to cloth–first made painfully on spinning wheels and looms–and finally to a clothing industry that includes synthetic fabrics. Commerce was born, presumably in the age of Taurus. The real meaning of all this was that it began to free time in which people could begin to think.

Next came Aries, the point where true individuation began as something like national pride was born, along with monotheism. It was the time of Abraham and Moses. The real issue of this period was that people began to define their god/s and to give allegiance to some moral and social rules. They were thinking about what life might require of them. For the first time they were really seeing themselves as separate from their god/s and in some way subservient to them. The ideas of right and wrong were taking on energy and power. Still, for the most part, determining what was right or wrong was left to the priesthood and the monarchy. In return, taxes and tithes paid by the common people supported them.

As the world moved toward the age of Pisces, there began to be a wealthy class who could afford more extensive education. From this era came the Magi, followed by the great thinkers and teachers that built the bridge from the age of Aries to the age of Pisces. During the five or six centuries before the birth of the Piscean avatar, world thought was in the hands of such men as Lao Tzu, Gautama Buddha, Socrates, Plato and the other Greek thinkers. Over most of the known world, education was available to those who could afford it. Still, that was a small portion of the population.

We have given this brief sketch as a review of earlier developments in human consciousness. With virtually no records available, it is largely an educated guess. We know considerably more about the age called Pisces, also called the Church age. Christianity spearheaded the rise in human consciousness, even while containing it and limiting it. The limits were products of the common human trait called fear of the unknown. In reality, ages define those points when, in spite of its fears, certain members of the human species cross traditional limits, daring to release more of their potential.
Those of us with any exposure to Judeo-Christian thought, have long been taught that we are children of God. That metaphor (or was it?) begins in Genesis with the Creator making humanity in its own image. Until recently, it has not occurred to us that growing awareness might be imprinted in our DNA. If it is, then the rise in human consciousness is not about learning. It is about remembering.....about remembering whom and what we are designed to be.

Science has taught us about genetics, that each new generation carries the traits of earlier ones. If we apply that principle to our belief system, what does it tell us? We conclude that we must grow up to be like our Heavenly Parent. That we are, quite literally, offspring of a God, with no other evolutionary possibility. It is this realization that will dominate the next age. We will begin to see ourselves as our Creator’s grown children and our relationship to It will change even as human child-parent relationships do when the children reach the age of emancipation.

During the current age, society has evolved in a way that gradually freed more time for education and thought. When adults began to be able to provide for their families without the aid of child labor, education became widespread, encouraging even more mentation. The more time is devoted to thought, the faster consciousness develops. Approaching the end of the age, the intuitive side of consciousness is coming into its own. Spiritual adolescence is reaching for emancipation. We are growing up.

We are beginning to understand that consciousness is also creative. The term co-creator has now been coined. This will come into its own during the next age. We, who exist largely behind the scenes of life, who are called different, are pioneering the next age. Without us, humanity will not respond to its evolutionary calling. Still, we believe that this will happen and that within the next few centuries, we–the intuitive and creative thinkers–will become the norm. We are, even now, beginning the task of expanding the definition of human as it is held in the general consciousness.

In doing that, we notice that, initially, Adam was given the task of naming all of life–the life that, at its creation, had been named "good and very good" by its creator. Only when Adam/Humanity began calling some things good and some evil, did we find ourselves outside Eden, facing difficulty, struggling to find our own salvation. Still, that very act, which has been called error or original sin, started humanity on its way toward fulfilling its potential. We were and are, created in the image of our god. The journey through the ages, with their gradual increase in awareness, is the journey to realizing just what that means.
We are now coming to the end of the Age of Pisces. Some have called it the Church Age. It is the age of "Christ Consciousness"–the time when we began to realize that we truly are Children of Divinity. However, that realization has been one of looking up to a Heavenly Parent, a god who is somehow much bigger, wiser, older than we. Christ Consciousness gives us back our spiritual DNA, but only in a very limited form.

We have learned that we are like needy little children, looking to our Big Parent for moral guidance and physical sustenance. To that end, we were given monarchs and priests, who spoke for our God. The great prophecy of one Jesus ben Joseph was that, during the age of Pisces, we would gradually outgrow the need for either. That would happen because our consciousness would evolve to a state where we can make our own choices, both legally and morally.

We have seen the beginning of that with the development of democracies, which are now being followed by a trend away from organized religion. Democracy tells us that every citizen has the right to a say about his or her own life. Most of the monarchies have been replaced by some version of that, though often a rather crippled one. Meanwhile, organized religion still insists that we are all, in one way or another, damaged goods, which must be saved or healed or converted. Run by a priesthood (to include protestant ministers), organized religion is still trying to deny us the right to make our own moral choices. It is losing that battle as increasing numbers find more meaningful ways to express their inherent spirituality.
The secret that is rising to the surface is that, it is all good–unless or until we name it not-good. Gradually, we are making the transition, as we learn to stop asking whether a thing is good or bad. Instead, we may ask, "What is this good for?" This is the transition period.

The next age will be one where the belief is that everything is good becomes the dominant one. It will be a time when we realize the full extent to which we do create our own reality. We will further realize that, in the final analysis, the terms good and evil are just points of view.

If there ever was an original sin/error, it was in assuming that the terms dark and light represented moral opposites. The dark is only and always a place where the light has not yet shone. It is simply that which we do not know. Yet, immature humans, being afraid of the unknown, called it bad/evil. It never was. It could not be. To use a fundamentalist catch phrase, "God didn’t make no junk!"

At another level, when spirit incarnates, its level of consciousness drops to a point where we are visible to others in our world. This is the only fall that ever occurred and it was done voluntarily by divine spirit for the purpose of seeing itself. Just as we do, It sought self awareness. The fall was never about morality. It was simply about consciousness. It was about an emerging sense of "I am (I exist)" from the great totality of life. The moment we say "I" we divide ourselves from all else. After that we begin the process of discovering whom and what that "I" is, by discovering what it is not. That is an incarnational journey, made for self awareness, and it is, initially, a logical process.
Human evolution is dated by the ages, even as the incarnational journey is dated by years. Humanity clearly does evolve in consciousness. Each generation is more aware than the last. Each begins its learning from a higher starting plane.
In the final analysis, this makes the age of Aquarius the age of God Consciousness. During the next two thousand years, we will come into full understanding as adult children of our God. We are growing up to full stature. Soon we will become partners in the family business. This is what it means to be co-creators. As a species, we will grow into our potential as partners in the Creation of future worlds. And yes, that is difficult to comprehend because it represents a great way out into the future. It would be like asking the citizens of two thousand years ago to understand the world of today. It would be too big a stretch.
Stop for a moment to notice how far we have come. Imagine going an even greater distance during the next two thousand years. We are moving forward, to become, not citizens of our respective countries, or even this world, but citizens of the galaxy. Aquarius is a galactic sign. It is also a revolutionary sign and a consciousness sign. Expect the next age to bring about a major revolution in consciousness.

Think about how life will change when we fully realize our power to create our lives as we choose, not by the sweat of our brow, not by the labor of our hands, but by the Divine creative power inherent in human consciousness. One day we will fully know that we are not spirit living in a body, but spirit living as a body. That is the basic principle of God consciousness. It is the fulfillment of scripture quoted by the great Judean master in John 10:34. "I said, ye are gods."

I challenge readers to apply this thought to a common definition of the next as "The Age of Brotherhood." What will it really mean when we recognize that the great masters truly were our elder brothers, and that they came to show us what we can become?

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