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The Living Path of Self Awareness

by Rev. Alice Miller

DISCLAIMER: Because I was trained in the Judeo-Christian tradition, I most naturally use their language. Over time, however, I have reached this conclusion. There is only one God/dess and It does not care what we call It.
I believe that It is both a personal (parental) Deity and an Impersonal and Universal energy/substance from which all things are created.

I also believe that we are quite literal offspring of this Original Being which some call Father God and of Mother Earth. If you think of the double helix strands of DNA as one strand physical and the other spiritual, you have the beginning of understanding what we mean by self-awareness. It is the awareness that we are not merely or only human. We are also divine and the journey of self-awareness is the realization of the divine half of our genetic structure.

What most Westerners call God is an eternal absolute, perfect, whole and complete in itself, the apparent precursor of life, but not living of itself. It is rather like a pool of potential-to-become life. Life is described as that which moves, grows, changes, and becomes or evolves. Human Life is further qualified as including a consciousness capable of expanding awareness.

Earth has often been called a school, and that is a good metaphor. We are here to learn who and what we are. That will, in turn, define what we can become, create, do.

Another great metaphor is human conception. Using it, we may say that the human egg is quickened by the divine spirit, to become humanity.

Astrology provides us a great symbolic language for the cycle of life. Aries represents inception–the decision to incarnate and the quickening of the womb. Gradually, it becomes embodied/Taurus and finally consciousness begins to awaken/Gemini. Cancer is the sign of birth, and of anything which emerges from the dark of the womb, or of the soil, into the light and visibility. Spirit becomes increasingly invested in form through the first six signs. In Libra, if all goes well, we choose to continue the evolutionary cycle, gradually moving into greater awareness of our spiritual side as we complete the final six signs. Some people find the idea fearful, and run back across the horizon to Aries and begin again. From this comes the notion of a repeating karmic wheel, for we can only transform the wheel to a spiral by choice.

The next section of the journey is from Libra through to Capricorn. Capricorn represents the outer limits of the current definition of the word human. As we (symbolically) cross Capricorn, we must choose whether to let those limits confine us. The journey through (galactic) Aquarius and (cosmic) Pisces is the journey into awareness of our divine genetics.

We may claim inspiration, inventiveness and genius in Aquarius, all of the extraordinary abilities that create the bridge between humanity and divinity. Finally, in Pisces we claim intuition, visionary and creativity. Notice the parallels to words Judeo-Christianity uses for God–omniscience (to see all), omnipresence (to be anywhere or everywhere) and omnipotence (to be all powerful, to have the power/ability to create by our word/thought/awareness). We call these psychic ability or seership, astral travel or teleportation, and magic, but they are all part of our divine genetics and await discovery in everyone.
Today’s Violet people are here with commitments to help reveal the possibilities of spiritual evolution. They are the elder brothers and sisters of humanity. Collectively, they are ushering in the next age. They are teachers and healers, not students, though some teach by demonstrating the path of learning.

For most of us, that takes many lifetimes. During each lifetime we get in touch with more of these abilities.....some writers are commenting that the new kids have areas of DNA that were dormant in earlier generations lit up or turned on. Clearly, they are simply an advanced version of humanity.

Let us then say that self-awareness is related to past lives, or more accurately, to the concept of eternal life, as a linked series of incarnations. It is how we grow into the full potential of our heritage as half-physical, half-spiritual.

Now, we may have all the potential in the world, but until we realize that we do, it does us no good. So many of our readers are living lives at struggle because they are somewhat ahead of their times. This experience can be like being born with great talent for music in a deaf world, or like being designed to be a great painter, in a world of color-blind people. It takes time to achieve that kind of self awareness, because the people who surrounded our early years knew that we could not possibly have the abilities that we have. They taught us to doubt our perceptions and sometimes our sanity.

As I teach so often, Truth changes. It was once true that man could not fly. Currently, it is true that anyone can fly, even to the Moon, if they have the proper vehicle. One day, consciousness will rise sufficiently for everyone to travel, even to distant planets, using only the innate power of human consciousness. But, that cannot happen so long as everyone believes that it is impossible.
Increasingly, individuals are born with a visual band wide enough for them to see ghosts, spirits, fairies and sometimes aliens. But the majority–or at least that part of it that holds authority in our world, is still saying that these people are deluded or crazy. One day, those same people will evolve sufficiently to see what is seen by the few. Then, and only then, will they believe.

Meanwhile many of us are remembering abilities that had been forgotten. Most readers who have intercepted charts, Yods, and mystic rectangles will see greater abilities unfold within this lifetime. Most of us have abilities that we overlook until we learn to pay attention to things glimpsed out of the corner of our eye, or hunches that prove correct, or wishes that suddenly come true. These are evidence of your own personal growth and evolution. You are not really learning them. Instead, you are realizing that you have abilities, aptitudes and talents that you had not realized previously.

This is what we call self-realization. It is the realization that we are much more, and much better, than we have known. It increases more rapidly when we stop judging, criticizing, or condemning ourselves. Everything in life is good for something. When you are committed to growing in consciousness and in spirit, there are no matter what church, pastor, priest, teacher or parent tells you otherwise. Out Deity is not dumb. Neither is it abusive. We are Its beloved children and the greatest self-realization of all may be just that.

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