NOTE: I prefer to do return readings only after reading the natal chart. In this reading, the name has been changed, to protect the privacy of a client for whom I have done a Lifeprint Reading.
Birthday Reading
from the Natal and Solar Return Charts of Iris Clark
For the Period from 8/03 to 8/04
by Rev. Alice Miller
(Birth: 8/14/60, 3:56am, 118w21–33n58, currently at 122w40–45n38)
(Charts have been turned 180o because native is left-dominant)
(Technique described in Getting Birth Charts on Target)
HISTORY: Client is contemplating divorce.
SPECIAL NOTE: although we use Chrisian language, we do so only as it represents universal truths.
SPECIAL CAUTION: If you do not want to be pregnant, take no chances. At this time in your life, it seems far more appropriate to channel this energy into creativity, rather than procreation. Any unusual symptoms may indicate an early menopause, which can sometimes produce periods of high fertility. Get a checkup.
More than usual, it is all up to you. Make your own choices and pay attention to how they feel. Let your feelings be your guide......not that voice in your head that questions and criticizes. More than ever before, you must put yourself first. This is about taking responsibility for your own life, for meeting your own needs, and especially for learning to say a resounding "no" to those who will try to distract you from that. There is heavy emphasis on the third house this year, so speak up for yourself. If you don’t you will find anger flaring. You may express anger toward others when you are really angry with yourself for not doing so.
This is so important, not only for you, but for those you love. What is best for you will be best for them. Make no mistake, everyone’s best interests are served by pleasing yourself first. It is evident that you have not done this so much in the past.
This year is clearly a landmark year, with many changes, possibly a whole series of them as you try out new ways of being and doing. That includes changes in long-term plans and goals. Flexibility and cooperation are important. REPEAT: Cooperation, not concession!!
Referring back to your natal chart, we see that your self-image is that of being (or wanting to be) different from your family, and probably something of a rebel. This suggests that, unable to fit into your assigned role, you created a role as its anti-thesis. The problem with this is that it allows no room for true individuality. Whether we conform to the family expectations, or rebel against them, we are still controlled by them. It leaves us stuck in an either-or mode, that is quite narrow. The real beauty of your chart is that the ruler of your Rising Aquarius is that its ruler, Uranus, is in the opposite house. You are designed to, at some point, rebel against your own rebellion. The most obvious vehicle for this is the mid-life crisis, occurring near age 40-42. In your chart, that crisis was destined to trigger relationship issues, because it changed your self-image.
We are accustomed to think of our spouse as our other half. (an outmoded belief still in use) During the past several years, you have changed, and that change represents a significant expansion in consciousness. You now see more of yourself, and your possibilities, so your "half" is bigger....more than half....which makes him look smaller–less than half. All of this lies beneath the surface of the year, as you re-examine decisions made and rescinded over the past year or two.
As a child, you learned that love means control and duty, and is not much fun. In your heart you knew better, but your head would not listen. Over the years, your beliefs have changed, but like so many others, you have continued to live by the old rules–especially as they applied to marriage and family. Broken-hearted, you look at your life and feel stuck.
The problem is that people change over time. In a world where life expectancy has nearly doubled, the changes wrought by time have also doubled. People who had much in common at age 20 may have almost nothing in common at 45. Once death solved the problem. Today it usually does not and many marriages continue without remaining purpose or value. The participants lose their joy. Depression moves in. A new beginning becomes a life imperative.
When we resist that imperative–whether from inertia or obligation–spirit begins to wane, and life ebbs. Then the hand of destiny or of divinity may step in, offering a new love, because it is a matter of spiritual survival. The caution we offer, when we see a return chart like this one is this: your only choice may be whether you end the situation before or after you fall in love with a more suitable partner for the person that you have become!
Reviewing the natal chart, we observe a Yod, or destiny point. It implies an escape from your mother’s ownership of your soul, through marriage. Probably that was the only way to break a mother-child bond that was much too strong. It was destined because, given the time and place of birth, it was the only solution.
In a way, marriage freed you, but it was a conditional freedom which required you to avoid looking too closely at your marriage and/or spouse. However, it was also "destined" that the time would come when the blinders would come off and you would notice how high the price you paid for a very limited freedom. That time is now. You can no longer live as property....whether of mother or mate. Your higher self will get you out, no matter what it takes. Spirit and Life will win–even at the cost of some long-held beliefs. To borrow from the words of Master Jesus, "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." (John 8:32)
That destiny is the focus of this year, and getting a lot of attention. Probably you are getting plenty of criticism, both from inside and out. It is recommended that you avoid the outer voices and distract the inner one. If mindspin occurs, do something to engage the mind elsewhere...reading, TV, exercise–whatever works for you.
To distinguish between your inner parent and your intuition, notice how your body feels when the inner voices come up. True intuition enlightens and enlivens. Guilt is the most destructive force on earth, stealing the energy intended to create "life and greater life." Life is that which changes, grows, becomes. Stasis leads only to death. The transits will break the hold of your past.......but probably not until near the beginning of 2004. What we have called a destiny point has another name: The Hand of God. That Hand is reaching out to turn your life around. Trust the power of it. Let go and let God.
Your personal boundaries are being overhauled this year. Some areas are being healed.. Think of this as surgery that cuts away the obsolete areas. While work is being done in one area, another may simply dissolve. When your attention is focused in one area, another gets forgotten...but only as it no longer serves a purpose in your life. (Consider rules that we give children for their safety. When these are enforced too strictly, with too much intensity, we sometimes have internal fences or walls that no adult needs.) This is going to remove some boundaries and expand others. It could feel like a return of adolescence at times. In a way, it is the completion of an individuation process, begun in your teens.
Realistically, you were born very much an individual, but you arrived in a world that denied individuality to children and perhaps women as well. So, in the service of love, you suppressed yours. Now, in service to that same love, you must retrieve it. In the end, that retrieval of individuality will be your gift, not only to your children, but to the world.
Modeling that, you will be an inspiration to many, and a living light to light up the dark places in human beliefs.
This year is about slipping the surly bonds of earth to soar on laughter’s wings.....
Have a blessed flight!