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Indigo & Crystal Children

The New Kids Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow

by Rev. Alice Miller

Since the late 1970’s most children born have been very different from earlier generations. The new children enter life with the awareness of an adult already in place. Unlike earlier generations, they cannot be conditioned to some idea which adults hold for them. They are who they are and will resist attempts to change them….even as you would, if someone tried that with you.

Older generations depended on parental bonds and conditioning to help them structure their self-image and sense of identity. Programing your child was considered a primary parental duty. But evolution marches on and in the early 1970’s humanity reached a turning point in its evolution. At first there were only a few of these new-type individuals, but indications are that by 1980 eighty percent of new births were Indigo.

These children need and desire much less personal focus from the parents. Poor boundaries can mean that too much focused attention, or being surrounded by too many people for too much of the time, brings on symptoms of A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. Toddlers often need more space than would have been thought appropriate for children in older generations. They have a highly emphasized sense of identity and/or self-worth that cannot be shaken. They are not blank slates for parents to write on. Any attempts to do so–intentional or not–meet with resistance. Consequently, these children are sometimes considered hard to handle, by adults expecting compliance.

The most important task of parents is to help these children deal with their immature bodies, because their minds are not immature. They may, for example, remember that they know how to drive a car. Still, you cannot drive if you cannot reach the pedals, and if you figure it out, law enforcement officers will object! This actually happened in Denver, where officers stopped a suspected drunk driver to find a four-year old who had driven to the store and was returning home. We recommend that parents try to imagine waking up one morning in an infant or child body while still in their adult mind. What would frustrate you?

Around 1995, another change occurred. These children have the same adult consciousness, but are more sure of themselves and less combative, than Indigos. If you try to change them, they will just ignore you and go on about what they are doing quite peacefully. These are called Crystal Children. Of most significance is the fact that they are naturally telepathic to an extent that many do not learn to speak at the expected time. It is important for parents to notice that, even though the child appears not to hear, it does respond to communication–in its own way. This can avoid mis-diagnoses of hearing handicaps or autism.

For all of these children, the key is to talk to them, and keep talking. Talk about what you are doing when you change and feed them. As they grow older, set rules. Physically they are children. However, it is madatory that you explain these rules as you would to an adult. If the explanation is that you need them to do this for your comfort, say so. Never answer with, “Because I said so.”Be absolutely honest. These little ones will know if you are not. Do not try to hide anything. They will know it. Parent them with absolute integrity and honesty. It is OK to make mistakes. You will. Just admit them and try again. Your child will appreciate and love you for it.

Since the charts of these children read somewhat differently from previous generations, we are working on developing an astrology for them. Please feel free to offer your comments and/or questions about the Indigo and Crystal children that you know.

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