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Human Gender and Sexuality

Heterosexuality is not normal, it's just common..............Dorothy Parker

I have observed that the relationship of Mars and Venus in natal charts appears to relate to how we express our sexuality.

Consider this: Venus orbits the entire Zodiac in one year, while Mars takes two years. This means that Mars “plays tag with” Venus. In the process, the two come together periodically, then separate. When they are within about thirty degrees of conjunction or opposition, it seems to affect the natural sexual expression.

I believe that when the two are in the process of crossing paths, the inclination is toward asexuality. By this we mean that the male and female qualities are nearly merged, that there is a greater sense of wholeness. Now, technically, these could comfortably engage in sexual activity with either gender or none at all. Often, the natural inclination is toward significantly less need for sexual activity, although conditioning may hide that. In this society–especially in the past few decades–the general consciousness has almost demanded that we all be sexual beings, whether or not we have that inclination naturally.

What I believe commonly happens with this group is that, noticing the disinclination toward sexual activity with the opposite gender, there is an assumption that one must be “gay.” Seldom does it occur to anyone that it might be normal to be sufficiently focused on other things as to have their passion invested in something other than sexual activity.

Conversely, when Venus and Mars are within about thirty degrees of opposition, we find an inner balance of the masculine and feminine. Technically this might be called bisexuality. Probably there is more sex-drive with this group than with the asexual group. However, these also tend to see people before they see males or females. Here the attraction goes deeper than is common with heterosexuals. It would usually be based on qualities other than surface appearance. It is likely that these have some ability to see into others, but one would have to check other areas in the chart to discover this.

To me, the most important issue here is that society-in-general recognizes only heterosexuality and homosexuality. They prefer to ignore, sometimes not even believing in, asexuality and bisexuality. I believe that the issue of human sexuality has come to the surface at this time just because we, as a species, are moving toward greater wholeness. If there is only one Creator–and most of us believe that on some level–and if we are offspring (not creations, but procreations) of It, then it stands to reason that some or all would eventually mature into whole beings, with yin and yang, masculine and feminine, reunited.

Initially and historically, it was important to have reproductive unions, so heterosexuality was encouraged. In a world that is already overpopulated, surely it makes sense that we would lose the so-called moral stigma of falling outside the sexual norm.

Passion is creative. It can create physical life. Now we are learning about investing passion to create our lives in new ways. Let us not judge those who choose to reproduce OR those who choose infertile unions.........or even those who choose to walk alone. Life is that which moves, grows, changes and diversifies. Let us not judge diversity of any kind, for doing so is a violation of the very principle of life.

SPECIAL NOTE: Evil is Live spelled backward–it is anti-life. Diversity does not include anti-life acts or behavior. It is not an excuse for those who live destructively.


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