Lifeprint Reading

from the Natal Chart of Gary Blue

by Rev. Alice Miller

Born: Feb. 03, 1944, 3.52 PM, 83w48–39N55

SUN: 13 Aquarius            27 Capricorn: RISING on the ASCENDANT           MOON: 14 Gemini


SPECIAL NOTE: Mr. Blue is a right-brain intuitive, so the chart has been turned 180o to reflect that. The structure of the chart suggests that his Ascendant reflects a self-image that is a blend of Cancer and Capricorn, and his Gemini Moon has Capricorn overtones as well. Such blends suggest an unusual degree of internal integration–often called an Old Soul–meaning one spiritually advanced.


You have been a stranger in a strange land. You were born well ahead of your times, perhaps as much as several generations. We may then say that you have incarnated from the future. More literally, your consciousness has developed well ahead of the norm for Earth at this time. That looks like a wider-than-normal perceptual band. By this we mean that one or more of your five senses has the ability to pick up a much wider range of light, sound, vibration, etc. than most people can. Clearly, you were born able to see more those around you. Perhaps you could also hear more, and/or sense more.

You were then born into a family that had no knowledge of such possibilities. They may not have believed in reincarnation. They certainly did not believe that past lives could relate to the present as from the future. In their terms, the reality of you was considered impossible because it exceeded the limits of possibility, relative to their belief systems. But we know, by the look of this chart, and even by the fact that you were born an Aquarian, that you are designed to expand the general consciousness by living a life that exceeds the those limits. Modern Aquarians have unlimited possibilities. That, together with the blueprint (horoscope) for your life, clearly marks you as a Possibility Person. That has a variety of effects occurring over time.

Your Childhood

In some way, you appear to have had too many parents and too little parenting. By this we mean that, predominantly, people were concerned about your behavior only in so far as it affected them. There seems to have been little interest in who you really were, or what you really needed or wanted for yourself.

Worse than that, different people wanted different behavior from you. You had to remain aware of who was around you at all times. Probably, your natural intuitive ability was bled off into what would be called hyper-vigilance. The result was that a large part of you was put away, almost lost at the back of some mental closet and/or the bottom of some emotional drawer.

To some extent, this is true of all those who incarnated to help with the transition into the next age. Always, their lives have at least one major division in them. Our early years are devoted to the attempt to lead an ordinary life until the time comes for us to emerge as the extraordinary beings that we are. This time lapse is drawn into the natal horoscope, along with an approximate projection of when our hidden mission will be revealed. I suspect that it has more to do with when the world is ready for us, than it does with when we (think that we are) ready.

In any event, you became very much in charge of your own nurture and discipline. You seemed old for your age because you had to grow up fast if you were to survive–or at least to survive with your Spirit and Soul in tact.

Probably nobody noticed your extra-wide perceptual band until you began to talk. Shortly after that, you became aware that much of the information you could pick up was unacceptable to the adults around you. You depended on these people to support the growth of your body, without which you could not navigate Earth. Apparently, what you said aroused a great deal of fear, which probably translated to anger. You got the message that what your senses were presenting to you was unacceptable, and that suppressing that information was a survival necessity–at least in the eyes of the child that

Human Consciousness: The Visible & the Invisible

When the ancients spoke of vibration they were referring to the speed at which the micro-particles making up the human body are moving or vibrating.

As the result of compounded learning, occurring over lifetimes, human awareness increases. We see, hear, sense more that we did in earlier incarnations when we were spiritually younger. The more aware we are, the more rapidly our micro-particles vibrate. The reason most people do not see ghosts is that these spirits vibrate at a level just beyond the current norm.

Compare this to the blades of an electric fan. As motion begins, they blur, disappearing with speed. But the blades are not simply cannot see them because they run faster than you do.

At any given time, the average of human perceptual bands becomes the measure of visible light, audible sound, etc.

At the same time, when we speak of an age–the Age of Pisces or the Age of Aquarius–we are speaking of a measurable period during which the perceptual norms fall within a certain range. As one age comes to an end and the next approaches, certain individuals begin to appear on earth with ranges that are above the norm for the existing age. By the power of their own will (or of God if you prefer) they lower their outer vibrations sufficiently to become visible on Earth.

Theirs is a mission. They come back to aid their (spiritually) younger brothers and sisters in making the transition to the next age. They become the stimuli for the general rise in consciousness to the level which will be the norm for the next age.your body made you.

Another important element of this chart is that the environment suppressed your intelligence. You are a very intelligent person, bordering on genius, but your early years did not provide the kind of education necessary for your abilities to develop and shine. You were like a sighted child born into a blind world. What you were taught, what you were allowed to learn, was conditioned by the blindness of those around you. Of necessity your greatest gifts were suppressed. But your original design included that, and provided for the day when that would change. You have an unusually vivid image for that change.


The human design has long demonstrated physical dominance. Classically, left body dominance was paired with right brain dominance. Artists and Intuitives are often left-handed and/or left eyed. This chart shows a new development. For many generations, logic has been regarded as superior to intuition. Before that, intuition/instinct was predominant. Clearly, both have their uses. It is reasonable to think that the next development in human consciousness would be the capacity to intentionally link the two. Early on, we would learn to shift between them. As we became increasingly adept, the process would become increasingly automatic.

This chart shows a design that might well be a bridge in that process. Early in life, your right eye was dominant because you needed to stay tuned in to your logical side. You were required to sort all incoming information into what could be verbalized and what could not. I suspect that you learned to stop seeing what others did not want you to see. This continued for many years.

Then, at the time of your astrological mid-life crisis, you had MK surgery and your eye dominance changed to the left. This was your symbol to yourself, that it was now safe to reclaim your intuitive side–at full power. Clearly, you can use the two sides of your brain together in a way that is equaled by no more than five percent of your generation. In this sense, you are very much a pioneer—shall we say a pioneer-in-consciousness?

The process for this is usually formatted as Q & A. Let the logical side ask the questions for the intuitive side to answer. It is quite likely that some form of automatic writing will be involved, although, as time passes you will find your talents increasingly useful in ordinary communication. Literally, your soul is designed to channel information of a rather specific type, at a specific time. In other words, you get what you need when you need it and probably not before. This is the reason for the Q & A keeps you from getting flooded.

There is a very good reason for that. You are more than usually sensitive to the mental and emotional atmosphere around you. You need to use a specific method as a doorway, such as astrology, numerology, runes, tarot, even a pendulum. This allows you to tune in when you want to, without getting swamped, and to remain detached at other times. It is very important for you to develop some divinatory technique, if you have not.

You have said that you thought yourself learning disabled relative to astrology, because the meaning of the terms just blurred out. That is probably a part of the limits that you created around your sensitivity. It kept the gates closed until the time was right.

It may be that some other divinitory technique will work better for you. You need to choose what works best for you. That said, most Aquarians have been astrologers (or perhaps we should say that they have been members of the Magi) in past lives. That is because astrology is the best language around for expressing ideas outside the common language.

However, modern astrologer must use modern astro-language. The old fatalistic teachings will not work any more than the old belief systems will. The principles remain the same. The applications change dramatically. As a language, astrology is a living, breathing entity, with the capacity to keep pace with modern developments. That is its greatest, and often overlooked, secret. It is ageless because it is alive and growing.

The structure of your life has set up an internal argument, perhaps on many levels. In many areas, your natural beliefs have argued with the belief systems that you were conditioned to pay lip service to. This gets particularly difficult when emotions are involved. You can think amazingly clearly and efficiently in a quiet environment, but free-floating emotions can swamp your ability to think–either logically or intuitively.

For this reason, you will always need to have a quiet retreat. You have probably learned to tolerate considerable mental-emotional-psychic static for short periods, but it is critical for you to have periods of quiet in which to rest and regroup. You should live in free-standing housing. Best is a house with plenty of space around it. Barring that, a mobile home is much better than an apartment. If at all possible, never live in a place with walls in common with others. If you cannot live alone, have a room that is apart from others and shut the door. This is critical.

For much of your life, other people have forced you to adapt to their rules, needs, etc. It becomes increasingly important for you to put yourself first. Only as you do, will you be able to give your gift to the world. Understand that you were born in a highly individualized state and with an amazing amount of courage. You would hardly have volunteered for such a lifetime, if you had expected it to defeat you.....and, I believe that you did volunteer! You have an amazing ability to manage the circumstances and to adapt to whatever comes up. You have demonstrated that quite competently.

Now it is time to move out, on your own. You were born different...we might say on a different wave length........than that of the people around you. No more should you try to fit in, for you time has come. Your abilities have been and continue to be quickened. You are being called to a higher purpose.

To that end, you were invested/annointed/ordained....about 1996-7. The transformative process, which will reveal your hidden or suppressed abilities is in motion. These abilities include both intuitive/artistic gifts and considerable healing ability. You are a kind of Adept.....which is, of course, not socially least not in your generation. Neither is it considered moral in many of the traditional belief systems.

Still, you were born to aid in the breaking-up of obsolete traditions. How strange is it that while knowledge has expanded dramatically on nearly all levels, so many attempt to confine morality to the past! So many of the old rules were designed for a time when life expectancy was about forty-five and a travel boundaries were around fifty miles. One wonders why rules, created for that life, are expected to work in this one. Surely, the powers that could create a world would be wise enough to know better. I believe that they are.

 Because so many of the old rules and methods no longer work, some of us have been assigned the task of defining new parameters for what is normal and moral. So ask the questions and be willing to hear and transmit the answers. That is your purpose and calling.

You belong to a group originally called seers. Today, it may be more appropriate to user the term human computer. Your type has the ability to surf the inner web, retrieving far more information than any conscious mind can hold. You are probably already aware of that. Even so, you can expect the power to be increased by a faster modem in three to four years.

You (do or will) have access to vast memory files and the capacity to retrieve the answers to any questions asked. Some questions, you will ask for yourself. Others will be asked by other people. It matters not. You can have any answer you ask for.

For yourself, your most important lesson is that of learning to trust your senses. They have never lied to you, except as you let other voices drown them out. It is time to listen to yourself, to put yourself first. Doing what is best for you will always and ever be best for everyone else. Meanwhile teach, for in the teaching you will continue to learn. You will find it an amazing teacher.

Like most of your chart, your ability to love is highly evolved. You love with maturity and discretion, because you value others, because you value life. Let no other define your values or your beliefs. You have spent lifetimes refining them. Regardless of what anyone else says, you know what is right for you to do, to be, to become.

And spirit says,

You are my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.

You are no longer my little child.

You have grown to spiritual adulthood.

Be my partner as we bring humanity into the next age.