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Principles of Astrology

The Relationships of Planets, Signs, and Houses
The basics of Astrology modernized for the 21st century. Planets are presented as principles of life, the parts of being that make us unique. They evolve through the signs as we mature spiritually. Signs, then, are described as evolutionary levels, corresponding, at a spiritual level, to the phases of human development. Principles goes beyond cookbook astrology, teaching students to think in the language of astrology.
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Dynamics of Astrology
Aspects and Energy Flow
In essence, an aspect primer, this book begins with energy flow, as symbolized by the elements and modes. Like Principles, Dynamics goes beyond cookbook astrology, teaching students to think in the language of astrology. The language is clear and down to earth describing aspects in simple phrases for easy recall. EXAMPLE: Semi-sextiles do not communicate with each other.
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The Soul of Astrology
Inner Dynamics of the Modern Moon
Finally, a clear explanation of the lunar function in natal horoscopes! This book is about bringing delineations of the Moon up to date. Mother and family issues are the underlying cause of nearly all difficulties in one-on-one relationships. Distinguishing between conditioned needs and real needs is a major key to self awareness. When we understand the foundation of our emotional structure, we can begin to modify our responses and change our lives.
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The "Limits" of Astrology: Saturn for Today
Contrary to the "old" astrological notions of a negative, satanic, Saturn, he serves a very important, even a required function in life. Without Saturn, we could neither focus our perceptions or define objects or people–including ourselves. Limits are directly related to our level of maturity. They protect us while we grow and are meant to be out-grown

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Designs for the New Age
The Grand Cross, The Mystic and Other Rectangles
This little book describes the dynamics of six opposition-based major configurations. It includes example delineations. Published by The American Federation of Astrologers in 1998, it was the first book by Rev. Miller to receive world-wide exposure.

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Heralds of a New Age: Interceptions
If you have followed all the rules and the results are not as expected, you may have an interception. This book is the first definitive work to describe the psychological and evolutionary aspects of intercepted signs. Published by The American Federation of Astrologers, it was bought out in time for the 2000 AFA Convention, where Rev. Alice Miller was named to the faculty.

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Possibilites for a New Age:
Intercepted Planets
Volume 2 of the Interception series.
Most Interceptions hold planets. Intercepted planets function differently from the standard interpretations. This book explains them in psychological and evolutionary terms, describing how they modify the interception and delay other areas of the chart. Includes Interceptions of the standard ten planets, Chiron, Fortuna, and the Lunar Nodes.

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Retrogrades and Consciousness
A new look at an old subject. Maybe we simply stepped back to get a wider perspective. How many reasons can you think of for repeating the experience of a particular planet in a particular sign? Does it always mean failure? Why? Wrap your mind around a new view of retrogrades.

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A Coven of Planets
A Pagan Astrology
A Moon-centered astrology. Different in style from all the other books, this one is highly symbolic and visual. Picture the planets as an inner coven, with each personalized and mated with its partner for creative work. BONUS: Delineations of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto out to the end of the age.

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Healing the Inner Child
The Astrology of Family Dysfunction
A handbook for reading the childhood conditioning that underlies our triumphs and defeats. It defines the significant adults in our childhood, and how they influenced our responses, then and now. A layman's condensed psychology of astrology.

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Getting Birth Charts on Target
PART I addresses the importance of converting clock times to Local Mean Time (Solar Time)for accuracy and the problem of getting many computer programs to make this adjustment.
Part II describes a new technique for reading the charts of Left-dominant and Right-brained individuals. This addresses the increasing trend toward intuitive, visionary, and co-creative abilities in humans.
Part III shares knowledge about Adoption and other second birth charts. This is for those who may have walked-in or who have had a significant name change.

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