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An Astrologers Parable

by Rev. Alice Miller

Judeo-Christian beliefs have dominated America from birth. They shape our world, even when we are brought up outside traditional churches. What was once a path to enlightenment is now experienced by many as a deep rut which hides the light of eternal truth.

One language is constructed for revealing the secrets of life. That language is called ASTROLOGY. Based on a fixed design, it can be applied to any person, place, or event with accuracy. Although the Bible is filled with obvious astrological terms, most religions deny astrology its rightful place in the spiritual lives of its congregations. Today, many live so deep in the ruts of tradition that they can no longer see the light of the stars. Forced to abandon the metaphysical science, the ruts of religion get deeper. Our path has become a canyon with little to see but the sheer rocky walls.

The ruts were not always so deep. Early Christians walked a path from which they could see a broad sweep of the landscape. If they decided to check out the byways they could. Sometimes they climbed a nearby mountain to view the path ahead. This allowed them to choose a way around obstacles.

As humanity became more intent on efficiency, fewer people tried the side paths. Hurrying to their destination, they missed the beauty around them. They forgot that the earth had been created a garden, to be enjoyed and experienced. In time, they became afraid that any step off the main path would get them lost. As the ruts got deeper, so did the shadows and no one knew what might be waiting to pounce on unsuspecting travelers.
Fear kept them on the main path and the ruts grew deeper. Over the centuries its walls got higher, blocking out more light. Each generation had less light than the one before. Humans began to believe that the only way they could ever fully live in the light was to travel this path of darkness until life and energy ran out. Maybe then, at the end of the path, they would find the light so longed for.

Many still read the beautiful story about wise men who followed a star to the place of Jesus' birth. Few really believe the story and fewer think about what it means. From the ruts only a few stars can be seen. Most can no longer imagine patterns containing messages. For them, the period when stars shine is just a darker time of day. Most have forgotten that the stars were once God’s message board.

But the messages continue. Here and there, where individuals live outside the ruts, they are still being read. The knowledge continues. From time to time, those who can translate the messages come to edge of the rutted path, offering these messages to the travelers. Some offer to teach travelers to read the messages for themselves. A few respond, but many are afraid. Others simply do not believe. For them, life on earth has been a place of darkness for so long that they cannot imagine any other way of living. The ruts deepen.
Recently, a new phenomenon began to occur. Ever-growing crowds of people caused the path to become wider at the bottom of the ruts. The path is now more a tunnel than a rut. It traps air. The atmosphere thickens. It has less oxygen and more pollutants. We struggle for breath and our survival instinct is rising. It is apparent that staying in the rutted path may lead to destruction of life. Some deep memory still tells us that where there is light, there is also air. First a few, and then more began to struggle up the canyon walls to that faint glimmer of light. Each step gets easier. The air gets sweeter, the light brighter. A few hardy pioneers stand at the top. Some have organized to create ladders from forgotten esoteric traditions. The knowledge awaits, carefully preserved by those who dared to live outside the ruts.
Finally then, let us look up at the Stars and read God’s signboard. Across the sky, He has written:
I love you.

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