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About Alice

Alice Miller PhotoAlice Miller was born April 2, 1937, near the end of the Great Depression, and just before World War II. Born into a traditional white Protestant farming family, her intuitive ability was suppressed early and remained hidden for many years. She spent the first forty years of life trying to fit into the parameters dictated by her birth. Marrying at age seventeen, she gave birth to four children by age twenty-five. Although married, she reared them almost single-handedly. That marriage ended in divorce as her older children entered high school. By the time the youngest graduated, a second marriage was also failing.

“I had tried to do everything right but it just never worked for me. At age forty, with my life in shambles, I was looking for answers.” Then it was that a Piscean friend introduced her to astrology. Although she had been taught to discount it as an intellectual hoax, she kept hearing things that caught her attention. She took a few classes and began buying books.

In 1982, with a second marriage ended, she moved to Denver, where co-workers kept asking her to quote a price for reading their charts. Finally, she agreed but added a disclaimer, stating that she had no idea whether she was qualified to do it. Working through that first paid reading, she got a great surprise. As she began to summarize the information gleaned from looking up planets, signs and aspects, her pen began to move “on its own.” Information that she had not sufficient astrological skills to find, appeared on the paper! After consideration, she decided to offer it to the client, and the results were amazing! By Jan 1, 1983, it was clear that she had tapped into a previously unknown talent. Since she believes that talents are given for use, she committed to the professional practice of astrology on that date.

At first, the fees she collected were all invested in books and classes. From a teacher, she received reading recommendations in the direction of the psychology and metaphysics of astrology. By 1988, she was running out of new information. Then it was that her old dream of being a writer resurfaced. Almost spontaneously, she began writing astrology books. The same source that had consistently aided her in her readings now came through in her writing. For the first seven years, that writing was for herself, and the means of developing new ideas that she applied to her readings.

By 1996, she was teaching her own work in Denver. Students were so encouraging that she published her first three books for the local market, where they were well received. Finally, in 1999 and 2000 the AFA press picked up and published two of her books, and invited her to the faculty of the 2000 convention.

Today, she continues her work as both a counseling astrologer and a writer. She specializes in the charts of those individuals who are here to aid the process of ending one age and beginning of another. These include intercepted charts and those with complex aspect patterns. For students of astrology, these readings can include the astrological explanations. For layman, they will be translated into ordinary American English.

At the same time, she continues to write and publish new Astrology books, designed to bring astrology into a new age. Her goal is to teach others to apply astrology to personal and spiritual growth issues. Currently in process (9/2002) is the final edit of a book on intercepted planets. she has also begun writing a book on Saturn and its applications in raising human awareness.

Alice’s Philosophy of Astrology
My first love is people. To aid us all in self awareness and understanding of our place and purpose in life is my heart’s desire, my dream, my mission and calling. Of all those who seek answers, my greatest attraction is to those who struggle to live in a world that has never been entirely comfortable. Together we will march to a different drummer, leading the way into the rapidly approaching Age of Aquarius.

I believe that all things in life have purpose and that, in the end, there are no mistakes. It is my goal to show each client how the patterns of their lives are woven into that great master plan that we call Life. I believe that every life is meant to be about joy and creativity. It is my delight to show others how this can emerge from the sometimes tangled paths we travel into greater realms of light, love and truth.

I once thought, many years ago, that somewhere there should be a kind of algebraic equation which could be applied to everything from psychology to physics. In time I found Astrology to be that elemental tool which applies universally.

Astrology is not so much an equation, as it is a conceptual language, with symbolized principles that apply universally. More than that, it expands with human awareness. During the past several centuries, four new planets have emerged into visibility, along with corresponding discoveries of human potential. The first corresponded to the Industrial Revolution. The most recent corresponds to the Information Age.

For me, Astrology has become the gateway to unlimited knowledge on many levels. Most importantly, it has provided a format for my talent as a counselor and metaphysician. Astrology gives me the tools to bridge psychology and metaphysics, giving personalized chart interpretations to each client, and offering guidance for improving conditions and increasing joy.

Out of that experience has come a series of astrology texts in which I share the understandings I have been privileged to receive. Teaching through my writings is my second love.


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