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A New Story of Creation for chidren of all ages.

by Rev. Alice Miller

(I believe that there is only one God/dess and It does not care what we call It. This was written about the time Pluto conjuncted my ascendant. I just found it and thought I would share.)

In the beginning, God felt very good. He was at peace, whole, loving, warm. Calmly He basked in the warmth of his own love. He felt a sense of joy that could not be contained, that must be shared. He felt full to bursting, and being creative, burst he did!

He began to divide, as cells divide. He saw that he was growing and it pleased Him. And felt sooo wonderful! He got happier and happier. He started laughing and the division and multiplication moved faster and faster until there were millions and billions of God cells. God looked around and saw all that he had done and he realized that he was creative. He could create just by thinking!

He thought, "Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were stars," and, just like that, there were stars. They sparkled and sparkled. They were sooo beautiful. "Oh wow," he thought, "let’s see what else I can do."

So, he thought of planets and planets appeared. He thought of designs and patterns and as fast as he though, all was set in motion. As the patterns emerged and began to move, he heard something glorious, a sound so beautiful that he named it music. So lovely was the harmony that he just listened for a long time.

As he listened, it came to Him, "Hey, I’m and artist!" So he thought of color and suddenly there was color everywhere. There were red planets and blue ones and an especially beautiful green one. The magnificence of the color made God gasp in awe. When he did that, a lightening bolt flashed across the sky. That was so much fun that he did it again, and again, and again. He got to laughing so hard that the tears started. Suddenly it was raining!

The tears fell on the pretty green planet and they tickled! They ran in streams that became rivers and the fell in small puddles to make lakes and big puddles to make oceans. When the planet felt the tickling, it became self-aware. It knew it was alive and it wanted God to know, so everywhere plant life began to spring up. Plants and trees and flowers grew. The green planet offered God his first bouquet!

God saw that this planet was very special and he was delighted with it. He named it Earth and set a gentle wind in motion to caress it. God and Earth just beamed at each other and the first love affair began.

The love between them grew and grew, becoming passion. Out of that passion came the desire to create something together. When love and desire get together, something always gets born, so everywhere animals appeared. There were fish in the waters, animals on the land, and birds in the air. Together, God and Earth reveled in the beauty and joy and the FUN of it all. Now they were Father and Mother. They had become parents and they were proud.

But then Mother got very busy taking care of all their children, as mothers often do. Father began to feel lonely. He really wished he had someone to talk to, someone who could share his hopes and dreams, someone who could help Him plan. He began to think of a special creation.

He thought very carefully about how it should look. He though about what He wanted it to be able to do and where He should put it. He especially loved Mother Earth and he wanted someone to help her. He thought that the animals they had created were fine, but this time He wanted something more. He wanted His own children.

If they were to be His Children, they must be like Him. They must be able to think and create. They must be able to feel love, joy, peace, and maybe even loneliness. They must be able to recognize their Mother as the animals did. More than that, they must also be able to recognize their Father. Finally, they must have the capacity to understand who and what they were. These children were to be more than a creation. They were to be the offspring of Father God and Mother Earth.

God decided that their bodies must be made of earthly elements but their minds must be like His own. He wanted them to be not merely his children, but to grow into his friends and companions. This meant that they must have their own wills and be allowed to make their own choices.

He decided that they should walk upright so that they could have their feet on the Earth and their eyes on the Stars. He gave them hands designed to hold matter and a reproductive system which mirrored the creative process. Knowing that with the ability to choose, some would wander far, He wanted their bodies to symbolize a higher truth. Their hearts would one day long for home and their heads would show them the way. In the end, they would understand that their heredity was both human and divine.

And so God created Man and Woman, each born into the Earthly experience as a little child so that each could experience the simplicity of God. Each was given the capacity and impulse to grow into ever-greater complexity and creativity. Some chose to stay close to home. Some were adventurous and wandered away. Some saw that they were children of God and some believed that they were children of Earth. Some thought that they were created to play, and some thought to work, and some thought to learn.

Always God watches Sometimes he laughs, sometimes he cries. Still He loves all His creation, all His offspring, for it is all part of Him. Always he has known something that many have yet to discover. Inside each is the secret of his or her own being. In time each discovers that secret in his or her own way.
And God sees it all as good.

We are Divinity living in human form.
Let no one criticize that.

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