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A warm welcome to all! Whether you are entirely new to Astrology, or a seasoned professional, there is always room for growth. For those interested in, or studying astrology, we offer a selection of articles on site. From time to time we will be adding new articles, so sign up on our mailing list.

Lifeprints is our word for a natal horoscope, otherwise called a birth chart. It is a type of blueprint or schematic for your life. A Lifeprint shows many layers of information. It shows your spiritual identity - who you are or would be in any time or place. It also shows environmental influences - who you are because you were born in a particular time and place. This includes ways in which that environment helped or hindered the development of your spiritual identity. These two layers are the main focus of our readings, but specific issues will be addressed upon request.

See the Inspirations page with poetry, lyrics, and other inspirational quotes and writings by Alice and others. Be sure to take a peek from time to time, as new material will be added from time to time.

The Possibility People page is for those individuals, primarily born before the early seventies, who march to a different drum. A younger group of originals is composed of Indigo and Crystal Children, and we have created a page for them and for their parents.

On other pages, we offer a wide range of quality books and spot-on horoscope readings by Rev. Alice Miller, Minister of Astrology. If you’d like to take a peek at what you’re getting before ordering a reading visit the Articles page to check them out.

Astrology Students
Astrology, as we practice it, is a tool for personal growth A special welcome to students of Astrology. We all discover that our own chart is often the most difficult to read. If you have particular questions about astrology or your own chart, we invite you to Ask Alice.

Students who order readings may request that the astrological language be left in their readings. This will produce both a reading and a wonderful lesson in chart reading. Please check the Books section to browse astrology texts by Alice for further study.

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